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Tourist information centre

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In 2016, was opened Tourist information center (TIC) of the city of Nefteyugansk.

TCI provides consulting services in the field of tourism, promoting creation of comfortable information environment for guests and residents of the city of Nefteyugansk.

In TIC every tourist can receive free information:

objects, culture, history, nature monument, which are tourist attractions;
about cultural, social or sporting events of the municipality;
on existing tourist routes, excursions and places of accommodation in Nefteyugansk;
tourist operators in the city of Nefteyugansk.
Turning into a tourist center, you will immediately receive the information you need about the city and region, travel to the relevant facilities, the location of the various establishments and places recommended to visit. Even if you have no plan of seeing the city in the heart will always be able to help You by telling you about the most popular or, on the contrary, most unusual attractions of Nefteyugansk district. Without any problems You will be able to pick up and personal tour of the city.

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