г. Нефтеюганск,

ул. Ленина д. 7

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26 May 2019

On May 26, at 15.00, the studio of vocal "Aura" (director Oksana Gorobets) invites you to a reporting concert
Tickets at the box office of the cultural center "Youth", telephone: 517-400

24 May 2019

May 24 at 19.00 KC "Youth" concert of the ensemble "Svitanok"
Ukrainian folk songs, popular compositions of Russian and Ukrainian pop. We are waiting for you on an unforgettable holiday!
Tickets at the box office of KC "Youth", telephone: 517-400

18 May 2019

The action "Night of Museums" is held in the Art Gallery "Metamorphosis". At the event, you can attend a concert, take part in several master classes, game programs, a quest and a chemical show. Ticket price: Adult - 100 rubles. Children - 50 rubles.

04 May 2019

May 4 at 14:00 a concert of the choreographic ensemble "Tanok" will take place in the KC "Youth". The concert program “Dance unites us” includes performances as well as completely new compositions.
Tickets at the box office of KC "Youth", telephone: 517-400 (ticket price 200 rubles)

01 May 2019

On May 1, at 20:20, a fire show will be held at the pier of the city of Nefteyugansk.
Residents and guests of the city will be able to enjoy a wonderful fire show.

October 2023 

About city

The geographical position

Nefteyugansk is located in the South-Eastern part of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra, the geographical location which is related to the Central part of the West Siberian plain. The third largest (after the Surgut and Nizhnevartovsk) Autonomous districts. Nefteyugansk is situated on the right Bank of channels of the Yugansk Ob is the only major city on the Ob river, wholly located on the island between the river channels.




- The population


Climatic conditions

По климатическим условиям Нефтеюганск относится к району с резко континентальным климатом, который характеризуется продолжительной суровой зимой и коротким летом. Среднегодовая температура воздуха: -3,3°C


Historical note

Its birth Nefteyugansk obliged richest oil reserves unique Ust-balykskoye field was discovered in 1961 – the first-born among the fields of the Middle Ob region. Drilled wells R-62, R-63 was the basis of the new major oil-producing base. The construction of the city began with the landing of explorers on the coast of the river Ob of the Yugansk.

The city status was assigned to the work settlement of oil explorers 16 October 1967, decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR "On the transformation of the work settlement of Surgut Nefteyugansk district, Khanty-Mansi national district of the Tyumen region to the city of district submission".


Road bridge
The bridge across the canal of the Yugansk Ob

Yuganskaya Ob River

Sports complex
"Pearl of Ugra"

Residential district 2A building 4

Memorial complex "To the faithful sons of the Fatherland"

Gagarin street, residential district 2A

Architectural sight
Rotunda "City born by oil"

Gagarin street, residential district 2A

Architectural and sculptural complex "Pioneers"

Embankment of the Yuganskaya Ob river, Naberezhnaya street

Architectural sight
Temple of the Holy Spirit

Gagarin street, residential district 2A

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